Who We Are

A group of data-obsessed technologists.

BeanMachine provides website, web application, and mobile app development services to empower business. By offering cutting edge technology solutions and teams of agile, skilled developers and designers, BeanMachine creates quantifiable solutions for business objectives at massive scale.

Our Mission

Harness the power of data to empower people.

Everyday BeanMachine strives to build technology that makes the world a better place. We offer a range of development and technology solutions so end-users can enjoy positive success stories, exchange knowledge, and collaborate for a better future.

Our Name

The Name BeanMachine is rooted in data.

The name “Bean Machine” comes from the origins of a statistical model. It is also known as a Galton Board and was invented by Sir Francis Galton. It is a device for statistical experiments made to demonstrate the central limit theorem, in particular with sufficient sample size, binomial distribution, and approximations of a normal distribution curve.

There is no such thing as a billion dollar idea, only billion dollar execution.




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