Who We Are.

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Our Name

The name “Bean Machine” comes from the origins of a statistical model.
It is also known as a Galton Board and was invented by Sir Francis Galton.

It is a device for statistical experiments made to demonstrate the central limit
theorem, in particular with sufficient sample size, binomial distribution, and
approximations of a normal distribution curve.

Our Team

We are a lean, mean, fighting machine of nitty-gritty individuals who believe
in one thing - the core essence to developing successful software is proper
execution. Our backgrounds spread across galaxies far and wide.

We converge our experiences as entrepreneurs, past enterprise tech employees
at companies like IBM and Facebook, and project management leadership for
big-box retail and event management companies. It is our diversity that brings
us together to create our team of individuals who show no fear when executing
even the most complex development projects.

Our Partners

Robyn Ong
Anthony Grivet

Robyn and Anthony are both 2-time successful founders of technology startups. After exiting their previous startup in 2016, they decided to gather up their knowledge pool of successes, mistakes, and lessons learned along the way and start BeanMachine to help other entrepreneurs and companies alike design, develop, and execute software and technology solutions that bring value to the end-user.

“There is no such thing as a billion dollar idea. Only billion dollar execution.”