Our development process is broken into 6 distinct steps with nested child milestones to offer full transparency into our workflow. Together we can achieve the best outcome through effective collaboration and agile methodology.

To learn more about BeanMachine’s development style you can download the Our Development Process e-book.

Our Process

We start every project by conducting research to find trends and begin to understand how your platform will be used. This first phase will focus on defining UI/UX elements and providing a map for comprehensive customer experience. Our main goal is to understand your customer base and how they are looking to interact with your platform.


  • Current trend analysis
  • Site map suggestions
  • Internal survey findings
  • Documentation of functionality

The design phase begins with wireframes to define screen flow. After wireframes we move into mobile and desktop high-fidelity design. Our design phase is highly collaborative. This phase is used to ensure we reflect your unique identity.


  • Mood board
  • Wireframes
  • Desktop designs
  • Mobile designs
  • Style guide

The development phase is broken up into two critical milestones. The actual technical programming of your platform and the finalization of content that will be shown on your site. We will also implement technical architecture and complete any data migrations necessary.


  • Your platform(s) such as website, mobile app, hybrid app, or web app
  • Technical architecture
  • Technical documentation
  • Proper redirects and DNS organization
  • Recommendations

We will perform internal and external testing to find bugs and broken UI/UX flows before deployment.


  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation for internal use
  • Pre-launch kickoff

Before launch, we will train your team on how to fully manages your new website or application.


  • Staff training sessions
  • Live website and/or application
  • Staging site

BeanMachine knows that websites, mobile apps, and applications are never a one-size-fits-all when it comes to post-launch support. We offer different package sizes and offerings to ensure you get the support you need after launch.

  • Retainer package options
  • Ad-hoc hourly options
  • Recommendations for optimal support and security



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