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The battle between Apple and Android is unrelenting. But one thing is certain, mobile applications offer some of the best user experiences and engagement for any type of product. While the world becomes increasingly more mobile-first, mobile app development for iOS and Android products should be at the forefront of any business decision or startup.

Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Native Mobile
Developing natively for both iOS and Android operating systems means you have to develop the same frontend of the application twice. If you’re looking to enable better raw performance, API access, and overall a better UI/UX experience for your users you require engineering only offered with native mobile app development.
Hybrid Mobile
This is a cross-platform development approach with a “write once-deploy everywhere” framework. Using React Native we can develop one frontend code base that will work across both iOS and Android app stores.
Types of mobile application development
Native iOS
Native Android
Hybrid mobile applications

Android is actually the most popular OS worldwide. In the USA, Android accounts for about 46% of the mobile OS market, and iOS accounted for 53.66%.