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What is a web application

Web Applications are paving the path as one of the most popular technical stacks to develop because they are simple to implement and simple to scale. Web applications are browser-based and can be easily customized for users on various devices, such as mobile. This makes the application user-friendly and also offers robust capabilities to integrate with other systems.

How we can help

BeanMachine specializes in React web application development. Since its initial creation in 2011 and going public in 2013, BeanMachine worked closely with teams at Facebook to pioneer this new technology. We have gone all in to ensure we provide industry-leading development services that relate to all things web applications and React.
If you are looking for a robust web application development solution paired with a content management system that is easy to manage, BeanMachine partners with two industry-leading react-based CMS platforms.
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React is a library, NOT a framework. Its library approach has allowed React to evolve into such a remarkable tool.